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looks like i have to brush up on my "New Gen" history

According to Variety, the A.P.N.G. Enterprises comic book series "New-Gen Universe" will be getting the live-action movie treatment and actor Mark Hamill will be attached to the project who has already done an online behind-the-scenes feature for the series.

"New-Gen," tells a story aabout twin brothers who find their identity while participating in a futuristic war. The series will also become a 3D-motion comic and be available as a cross-platform gaming product.

"New-Gen" creator J.D. Matonti will serve as director and executive producer and co-creators Chris Matonti and Julia Coppola will produce it.

"We look forward to continuing the 'New-Gen' saga as we move from comic book prequel to live-action film," Matonti said. "It is very exciting to breathe life into these ... characters within the New-Gen universe."


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